About BC Handball

Team Handball (more generally referred to as Handball) is a fast, technical and physical Olympic sport where two teams of six players and one goalkeeper, on an indoor court try, to throw the ball into their opponents' goal. Often described as waterpolo on dry land, Handball utilizes a mixed skillset from other sports such as basketball, soccer, rugby and lacrosse. The game is made up of two 30-minute halves, with the typical total number of goals ranging from 40 to 70. This description is far afield from that of Handball which resembles racquetball. Handball is a popular sport around the world, especially in Europe. It is played in 183 countries, 31 million players of all ages, trainers, officials and referees worldwide acting with 1,130,000 teams. Much like hockey in Canada, top level league matches in Europe can attracts upwards of 10,000 spectators per match. It is a growing sport in Canada and the US. Here in British Columbia, after many years of absence, the sport is back again and we hope that it will continue to grow.


countries 1Countries represented in the BC Handball membership Past and Present - 94 Countries (41.7%).


The current Olympic Federation (Canadian Team Handball Federation) oversees the development of the sport in the country, organizing the National Championships, and determining the guidelines for player, coach and referee development in Canada. Their website may be visited at www.handballcanada.ca.

The current edition of the British Columbia Team Handball Federation (BCTHF) was established on the 3rd of September, 2003 and assisted by a former BC Handball player, Gary MacDonald, and a former coach, Frank Geulen, both of whom are in Handball Canada’s Hall of Fame. The BCTHF is the governing body for Handball in BC and currently has provided residents of the Greater Vancouver and Kamloops Regional Districts the ability to play this wonderful sport. Current clubs are Vancouver Handball Club, and Kamloops Team Handball Club, with student clubs playing mini-handball at Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia, and handball is continually expanding throughout the province.

Back in 2007 the BCTHF had a visit from German Today (now AhornTV). The following 2-part news piece is primarily in German, and touches on topics about Handball including player interviews

In 2011, during the Canadian Team Handball Nationals (Seniors Category), the BCTHF teamed up with HailStorm Media & Communications to produce a video taking a look at what the competition means to the athletes and what it means to play team handball.