Thank you, the 2014 BC Handball Cup was a successful event.

The supporting sponsors and sporting agencies were happy.
The tournament even brought out famed members of the BC Handball's historic past.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Richmond Olympic Oval, and the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel.

I leave you with the famous words of the weekend.
"T-Shirt $20"

We wish you all the best to the rest of the Handball season, and hope to see you all again soon.
2015 BC Handball Cup - 14-15 November 2015

{Read the rest of the article for results and team photos}

Mens Division
1) San Francisco CalHeat Team Handball Club
2) Vancouver Handball 1
3) Seattle Handball Club
4) Vancouver Handball 2
5) Portland Team Handball Club
6) Kamloops Team Handball

MVP : #5 Rich Grabinger (SF CalHeat)
MVG : #1 Julian D Orr (SF CalHeat)
Top Scorer : 25 Goals - #5 Jan Vanderstraeten (Portland THC)

Womens Division
1) Vancouver HC
2) San Francisco CalHeat Team Handball Club
3) Seattle/Kamloops

MVP : #4 Hildur Knutsdottir (Vancouver HC)
MVG : #1 Sofia Palmborg (Vancouver HC)
Top Scorer : 26 Goals - #4 Hildur Knutsdottir (Vancouver HC)

JDC West Division
1) Simon Fraser University
2) University of British Columbia
3) University of British Columbia - Okanagan
4) University of Victoria



SF CalHeat and Vancouver HC1 after the championship match
Vancouver HC W
Seattle HC
Vancouver HC2
Seattle HC w/ Kamloops THC and Vancouver HCW
SF CalHeat W
Kamloops THC
Portland THC