Vision, Mission, Values

BC Handball is a not-for-profit organization which operates within a sound business framework.  The federation is directed by a multi-dimensional Board of Directors and is managed by competent, service-oriented, professional staff.


Handball (Team Handball) is a vibrant, widely established sport, involving participants from all ages, skill levels and areas of the province.


BC Handball provides opportunities to create excellence through professional and athletic development, as well as building organizational capacity.


Organizational Effectiveness Through Consistent
  • transparency,
  • professionalism,
  • accountability,
  • communication, and
  • partnerships
Empowerment of Members to Develop
  • socially,
  • athletically,
  • professionally, and
  • personally


Team Handball Development Opportunities Through
  • sustainability,
  • stability,
  • growth, and
  • strong partnerships with stakeholders
Life-long Participtation/Involvement as
  • players,
  • volunteers,
  • coaches, and
  • officials


2014 BCTHF Constitution
2014 BCTHF ByLaws