Why Play Handball

Handball is a popular, spectacular, dynamic and exciting sport. It requires speed, strength, power, stamina, endurance, fitness and above all teamwork. Over 15 million people play the game in approximately 140 countries around the world. It is a wonderful mixture of soccer, basketball and a few water polo tactics thrown in.

Handball is one of the most popular sports in Europe (after soccer) and is one of the fastest growing sports in Northern Asia and Africa. In the Americas it is becoming organized with national and continental championships and in Oceania it is on the cusp of taking off.

The game is fast, dynamic and the players need to be fit and work for the team. The sport has a relatively rapid learning curve because the basic movements build on natural human movements such as jumping, running, throwing and the variations of these. These unique elements distinguish handball from all other physical exercises. Handball players need to be fit and skilled. The intensity of the game, the constant physical challenges will work the muscles, the central nervous system and the whole body. The goalkeepers need to be athletic, flexible, brave and have extremely quick reflexes.

Handball is also a game of tactics, strategies and problem solving. As any physical activity, it is performed and generated by thinking. A player has to - sometimes in strenuous situations - rapidly see, retain, estimate, conclude and act relevantly. Players must divide their attention to three different tasks: teammates activities, opponents' activities and self-activities. Because of these tasks, Handball can be very beneficial both physically and mentally. As a team game it also plays an important role in developing social and interpersonal skills, which promote a healthy level of self-esteem. Winning the game depends on the offensive and defensive tactics and working together as a team. Players have to learn to cooperate with each other in order to win and must learn the rules of fair play, teamwork and how to carry themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion.

Handball is a challenging sport both mentally and physically and this is why it is a fascinating and attractive game! It keeps you fit, healthy. It promotes diverse tactics and strategies. It is a dynamic, fast and fun sport.

There's something in it for everyone!