Beach Handball

International Handball Federation

What is Beach Handball?

Beach handball is a rapidly developing sport that combines competition with leisure. ​ Played on sand by teams of four, with four substitute players per team, the action on the small court is fast and at times furious. ​ Extra points are awarded for particularly spectacular goals: for those scored in-flight, 360˚ spin shot, through a penalty or by a goalkeeper. Games go over two halves of 10 minutes each. There is always a winner in beach handball: a golden goal’ rule applies in a draw for the half; should each team win a half, the game is decided by a ‘shoot-out’: a field player going up against the goalkeeper.

Where to Play?

Beach Handball in BC has been played weekly over the course of the summer at Spanish Banks beach on the South shore of English Bay with a view of Downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, North Vancouver and West Vancouver, as well as the surrounding mountains.


Weekly Tuesday at 6.30PM during the months of June, July and August.
(Weather Permitting)

For more information,  details and schedule please check out Vancouver Handball Page on facebook.


Beach Handball Rules (European Handball Federation) - Short Version.